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As the need of information about market entry, demographics, consumer behavior patterns and investment strategy has picked up significant pace over the last decade, it is only imperative that there exists a platform which showcases the information needed by decision makers in companies.

At The Brief, our focus is just that, and some more

Simply put, it is to facilitate knowledge-sharing with companies looking to understand and evaluate the Indian market – or as we say, to help business owners and decision makers find answers for those times when someone asks them, “Why India?”.

Leveraging a country-wide network of industry leaders and domain experts from across sectors, our internal editorial team of researchers and information curators work continually to bring to you all that you need to know if you are either a company evaluating the Indian opportunity or an expatriate who will soon be calling India ‘home’ for the next few years.

Join us on our journey as we work to contribute in our own little way to improving the ease of doing business as well as ease of living in India.

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